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About the Company

Radix Automation, Inc. was founded in 1998 with the purpose of offering standardized automation products that solve common mechanical challenges facing most engineers and machine designers in the manufacturing and automation industry. These challenges commonly involve tolerance stackups, fixturing and positioning, and angular misalignment.

We offer a standard line of products ranging from bolt-on machine components up to complete turnkey systems. Our key technology areas are on gimbal products and compliant linear thruster products. We can also create a custom automation solution to fit your exact specifications.

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Gimbal Products

Gimbal Products are commonly used on applications where processing flatness, force and temperature are imperative, even when component and tooling variations may alter the planarity of the work surface. The patent pending gimbal assembly compensates for these variations and allows the thermode tip to be coplanar to the work surface, thus creating a consistent high quality heat bond or stake. Any of the gimbal products can be used without the heater as a support anvil or a backing plate. See Heat Stake Gimbal Technology Benefits for more information.

Gimbal Box - This product is offered in several sizes to address applications from microelectronic die attachment to larger processes of heat seal packaging. The gimbal technology is not size limited so it is applicable to any process that uses time, temperature and force, where heat bonding flatness and planarity are critical. The Gimbal Box adapts easily to existing machinery, robotic arms, and automation lines.

Gimbal Box

Max-Gimbal(tm) Thermode - This ultra-precision instrument uses the same gimbal mechanism as the Gimbal Box. It includes several additional features not offered on the Gimbal Box. These features include a choice of two different operating force systems:
  • Low force: using mechanical springs: 0 to 22 lbs.
  • Dual force: 0 to 22 lbs(springs) and 0 to 100 lbs(air cylinder). A 110 or 220 volt heater that operates in the 150 - 850 F range can be ordered.
Max-Gimbal (tm) Thermode
Max-Gimbal(tm) Bonder System - This is an ultra-precision turnkey tool that utilizes the same gimbal technology and shares many common applications with the Thermode and Gimbal Box. It can also be used for larger and higher force bonds. This system is set up to the customer’s exact specifications and processing requirements. Process parameters: Constant source heat from 150 F to 850 F / 0 - 1000 lbs. Optional features of rotary table, dual independent bonding heads, camera alignment and customer specified accessories. Max-Gimbal(tm) Bonder System


  • ACF and heat seal connectors to PCB and glass.
  • Tape automated bonding(TAB) circuit to printer cartridge.
  • Die attachment and flipchip bonding.
  • Surface mount components to flex circuits using conductive adhesive.
  • Staking molded rivet posts for assembly and retaining thin film substrates.
  • Thermocompression bonding.
  • Hot bar soldering.
  • Thermal and impulse staking.
  • Precision hot stamping.
  • Heat seal packaging.
  • Leveling plate or support anvil.

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Compliant Linear Thruster Products

This innovative new product can be used anywhere a normal thruster is used. It has a ‘compliant’ tooling plate on the end of the thruster that allows for free movement in the X and Y axes of .040-.100" which provides for self-alignment of the process on every cycle to ensure the highest performance at the least cost. It eliminates the need for most precision tooling. This product is new to the public but it has been developed and fine tuned in use with custom automation equipment for 3 years, so it already has a strong track record.

Max-Align (tm) Compliant Linear Thruster Products


  • Probing electrical contacts.
  • Plugging in Connectors on ATE.
  • Pressing mechanical components together.
  • Filling fluid into containers on automation line.

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Custom Automation

We have had many years of experience in designing and building custom automation solutions ranging from small handheld tools to complete PLC-driven systems. Contact us for a quote today! Custom Automation Solutions

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